Short Stories

This page is a gateway to many stories some consider to be…unnatural.

Featured story

The Old Dark Book

An isolated farmhouse in the mountains of Northern Ireland. A dark midnight at the end of October. A drawer of curiosities. An old, dark book. Would you dare open its pages? And, if you started to read it, could you ever stop?

It was late one Saturday night when I first dared open the old, dark book. My time-worn grandfather had hobbled off to bed as as soon as the daylight began to fade, for told me that nothing merry ever happened after midnight…

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New story

Upon His Knees

A decrepit mansion. A decadent aristocrat. A secluded attic. A demonic ritual. An old housecleaner. The chances of a happy ending seem as remote as the setting. But the old woman does something her enemies don’t anticipate.

Sir Nicholas Stain was an aristocrat, an academic and an amateur Lothario, in that order. He hailed from an ancient Anglo-Saxion family found in the English counties of Middlesex and Surrey. He was forever keen to tell any poor soul forced to listen that his family name appeared in the Doomsday Book…

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Latest story

He Lifted Up His Eyes

Much to his own surprise, a rich businessman dies and finds himself still alive. He has a beautiful attendant and an abundance of delights. But he soon discovers that not everything is as it seems in his new abode.

There was nothing much to connect the deaths of Mr Diver and Mrs Lazenby except for three coincidences: they were on the same day, in the same town, and in the same workplace…

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But it is immortals whom we joke with, work with, marry, snub and exploit – immortal horrors or everlasting splendours.

C S Lewis