Is That Horror Trope in the Bible?

Horror tropes

Over the course of 2023, I wrote several blog posts that took a standard trope of the horror genre – a theme, image or idea that constantly recurs. Then I asked if it or anything resembling it could be found in the Bible. I was surprised to discover that most of these tropes have either direct equivalents in the biblical texts or at least some dark reflection of them.

The Main Horror Trope List

Here is a list of these blog posts, gathered together for your convenience.

Other Relevant Blog Posts

There are other horror tropes that have their own blog posts but that don’t fit in to this question-and-answer format. These include blog posts about other major horror tropes, such as:

I’ve also written blog posts about more minor horror tropes like:

The list is endless, so I’ll add more to it as these blog subjects continue to grow.

Any Requests or Feedback?

There might be other horror tropes you’d like me to cover. If so, please let me know. I would also appreciate feedback on the content of the posts. For example, do you think I’ve stretched the biblical evidence too far or too thinly in some cases? Or, maybe I’ve been too cautious and haven’t gone far enough. Either way, I’d love to know your thoughts.

The Bible as a Source of Horror Tropes

One last thought. It’s one thing to observe that the Bible contains horror tropes. That’s impossible to deny. It’s another to argue that it is the maker and codifier for some of these tropes. I think that’s what I would contend. No one can doubt that the Bible is a trope namer on many topics, of which horror is one.

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