I curate ancient stories and cultivate them into new tales.

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About Allen

I’m a story lover from Northern Ireland. I’m moved by stories. I use them in life and business. And I’ve even started to invent some of my own. I’d love to talk with you about what stories mean and get your feedback on my work here.

I relate to stories in different ways. As a couch potato (‘connoisseur’ sounded too smug), I enjoy watching and reading them. As a curator, I select and present stories made by others for your enjoyment. As a critic, I love to get behind them, looking for patterns and tropes. And as a creator, I’m starting to try my hand at making – or finding? – some of my own.

Allen is a fan of…

Allen’s Narrated Short Stories

I’ve had some of my short stories published in fantasy and sci-fi anthologies. My plan is to present new stories here for you to read. And if there’s enough interest, I’ll narrate them for the fun of it and see how they sound in my dulcet Northern Irish twang.

Books by Allen

These are the first drafts of the front covers for my forthcoming books. Art thanks to @PeterIainHogg1

The Army of the Dead: Ghost and Horror Stories from the Bible


The Dragon in the Sea: Fantasy and Space Stories from the Bible


The Killer and His Hoard: Death and Sex Stories from the Bible


If the dark and monstrous side of fairy tales can be proved to exist, who can be sure that the blessed side doesn’t exist too?

Frederick Buechner

Allen’s Blog

  • The Seven Basic Plots and the Bible
    There may be millions of stories. But there are only seven basic story plots, according to Christopher Booker. What are they? And which works of literature contain the most?
  • The Evil Eye
    The Evil Eye isn’t just the stuff of folk magic and dark lords. It’s mentioned in the Bible, where it’s assocaited with greed, curses and deception.
  • Are Haunted Cities in the Bible?
    Question: What’s worse than a haunted house? Answer: A haunted city! This blog post looks at haunted cities in modern times, in horror literature, and in biblical prophecy.